Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe Blue VWR12G7R600ITBLU

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Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe Blue for improved turbocharger performance.


Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe Blue VWR12G7R600ITBLU

Racingline High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe Blue VWR12G7R600ITBLU


The VWR High-Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe for MQB Golf 7 GTI/R plus Audi S3 has been engineered to increase air flow through to the turbocharger as the perfect compliment our VWR R600 Cold Air Intake or even the standard airbox.

A simple fitment, it replaces the entire restrictive rear factory plastic ‘bellows’ pipe between the airbox and the turbocharger inlet pipe.

Our Turbo Inlet Pipe is a large diameter smooth-flowing silicon hose, crucially with enough compliance to allow for adequate engine movement without causing damage to the intake. There are solid turbo inlet pipes on the market, but without this compliance as the engine rocks under power, then something has to give – with a solid pipe it will either be your intake, or the pipe itself.

Back-to-back comparisons with the factory pipe on our flow bench reveals an impressive improvement in airflow, and makes a great compliment to the R600 intake.


The Turbo Inlet Hose is compatible with all MQB EA888.3 1.8T and 2.0T cars.
Works with the VWR R600 intake, the factory airbox, or any other aftermarket intake.

By taking away the standard plastic bellows pipe’s restrictive and turbulent airflow path between the intake and the turbocharger, the High-Flow Turbo Inlet Hose gives a worthwhile power gain.

Fitting is very straightforward. The kit is installed in around 10 minutes using just hand tools.
And easily returned to standard, should you ever wish.



2015-2018 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf 1.8T
2015-2021 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 GTI 2.0T
2015-2021 VW Mk7, Mk7.5 Golf R 2.0T
2015-2020 Audi 8V A3 1.8T and 2.0T
2015+ Audi 8S TT and TTS 2.0T
2015-2020 Audi 8V S3 2.0T

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