Racingline Hub Adaptor 5MM 5x112mm VWR620005MM

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The Racingline Hub Adaptor 5MM 5x112mm VWR620005MM is a high-quality aluminum car part that allows you to fit wheels with a 5x112mm bolt pattern onto a vehicle with a 5x100mm bolt pattern.


Racingline Hub Adaptor 5MM 5x112mm VWR620005MM

Racingline Hub Adaptor 5MM 5x112mm VWR620005MM


What is included:

  • 1x Set of Racingline 5mm Hub adapters(2pieces) – Product code: VWR620005MM


Clearance over big brake kits is always a challenge, especially with factory wheels. All of RacingLine’s brake kits feature our unique design that allows these 5mm Hub Adaptors to be solidly, mechanically mounted onto the front face of the disc to give you that extra clearance. No more adding loose spacers onto your car.

Fitting and removal of the Hub Adaptor is a simple, reversible upgrade that takes minutes to do.

If you ever plan to change wheels in the future, or if you run different wheels for road or track, or winter and summer, just fit or remove the adaptors to suit.

As these Hub Adaptors are mechanically locked onto the disc hub, They aren’t  classified as spacers in countries where spacers are illegal.

The 5mm of extra space will mean that the OEM factory wheels will fit over our brake kits.


Clever ‘petal’ design (female on the disc, male on the Hub Adaptor) plus a fixing screw physically locks the two parts together.


Beautiful midnight-black gloss anodised finish will keep the Hub Adaptors looking beautiful and  corrosion -free.


Removal and refit just takes minutes to do if you ever change your wheels.

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  1. Wite Mike
    5 out of 5

    Wite Mike

    interlocked with the brake discs, very nice

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