Vw Golf 7 4Pot Calipers brake upgrade Audi TTS 2018 NEW Red Gti Logo Golf 5 6 Gti

Vw Golf 7 4Pot Calipers brake upgrade Audi TTS 2018 NEW Red Gti Logo Golf 5 6 Gti


Plug and Play install with Vw Golf 7R 7.5 Gti performance pack , Club sport Audi S3 8v TTS 8S Seat  Cupra 5F  340x30mm stock brake discs!!!(nothing else is needed for a plug and play install)


  • Audi TT TTS TTRS 8J 8S 2007-present
  • Audi A3 8p 8V
  • Audi S3 8p 8v
  • Audi Q3 , Rsq3 2014-2018
  • Volkswagen Golf 5,6,7, 7.5 R, GTi R32 R20
  • Volkswagen  Passat B8 , Passat CC
  • Volkswagen  Tiguan 2008-present
  • Volkswagen  Arteon
  • Volkswagen T-Roc
  • Seat Leon 1P , Cupra R
  • Seat Leon 5F Fr, Cupra
  • Seat Ateca
  • Skoda Octavia RS 2008-present
  • Skoda Superb 2017-present

Weight Reduction:

Stock mk7 R calipers weight 8.6kg with pads

TTS 8S 4pot calipers weight 5.6kg with pads!!!

What is included:

  • 2x OEM Audi 4pot Calipers Left and Right , product code 8S0615107G  8S0615108G NEW color RED OEM color repainted(you can select your logo when adding product to cart)
  • 2x Pins sets and pad holders product code 8W0698231(same as 8S0698231) NEW
  • 2x Balance Weight with cheese head screw NEW
  • 1x OEM Audi brake pads with wear sensor 8S0698151B NEW
  • 1x Hel Performance metallic brake lines color black NEW


  • Minimum wheel size 17″(not all 17″ wheels will clear them)
  • depending on your wheels ET and J you might need spacers(Ex: with Pretoria 19″ wheels they require 10mm spacers, with Oz Ultrallegera 19″ Et45 8J no spacers are required)
  • Audi S3 8v Golf 7 R Seat Cupra 5f Mk7 Gti Performance pack or clubsport 340x30mm brake discs(available on request)


  • Fitting is plug and play
  • Brake kits are advised to be fitted by qualified mechanic
  • Depending on your wheels ET and J you might need spacers

For more information please contact us at

Additional information

Weight38 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 30 cm




Audi Product codes:

8S0615107G, 8S0615108G

Caliper Logo Options:

Cupra White, GTI Black, GTI White, R Black, R White, S3, TTS

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