Front ENDLESS EIP184MX87 brake pads Audi TTRS 8J RS3 8P Cupra Formentor Cupra 5F

Front ENDLESS EIP184MX87 brake pads Audi TTRS 8J RS3 8P Cupra Formentor Cupra 5F


Track day pads’ high rigidity and touch can be experienced on the street

MX87 is a pad designed for the street while still performing on the track, produced using a new process entirely different from other semi-metallic pads. The compound character gives the performance from low temp & pressure.

Recommended for the following peopleMX87
●Those who place importance on daily use on streets and highways
MX87 is easy to handle even when the brakes are cold at the beginning of a drive or on the highway without needing to warm up like a specialized sports pad.

●Those who want to do a little sports driving with daily-use specifications
With MX87, even those who hesitate to use circuit specifications can handle winding and a little circuit driving in a vehicle set up for commuting and shopping.
* Wear will be faster if the product is used at a high temperatures like those produced on a circuit. For those cases, we recommend MX72 Plus and CCRg.

*MX87 does not have any anti-noise weight
*MX87 is not available in Japan

●Proper rotor temperature / 30~700℃ ・Average friction coefficient / 0.38~0.46μ
●Material / Semi-Metallic


What is included:

  • 1x set (4pads in total for both calipers) of Front Endless EIP184MX87 Brake Pads (Audi Product Code: 8J0698151K & 8J0698151M, Hawk: HB632x.586 ) New


Application with Brembo 4pot calipers , Porsche Macan model or Audi TTRS 8J model/Cupra 5F/ Cupra Formentor and metallic discs for:

  • Audi TT TTS TTRS 8J 2007-present
  • Cupra Formentor
  • Audi A3 8p 8V
  • Audi S3 8p 8v
  • Audi Rs3 8P
  • Volkswagen Golf 5,6,7, 7.5 R, GTi R32 R20
  • Volkswagen  Passat B8 , Passat CC
  • Volkswagen  Tiguan 2008-present
  • Volkswagen  Arteon
  • Volkswagen T-Roc
  • Seat Leon 1P , Cupra R
  • Seat Leon 5F Fr, 5F Cupra Performance Pack
  • Seat Ateca
  • Skoda Octavia RS 2008-present
  • Skoda Superb 2017-present


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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm